Why does the bot not work?

Here a few ways to check why the bot might not work, before contacting the support discord server.

⚠️ Turn on your DMs and do not block TempVoice

The bot usually sends you error messages via DM if it is unable to create a temporary channel.

⚠️ Check the status page and may be patient


⚠️ Check permissions

βœ… Manage Roles
βœ… Manage Channels
βœ… Create Invite
βœ… Manage Webhooks
βœ… Read Messages
βœ… Send Messages
βœ… Send Messages in Threads
βœ… Create Public Threads
βœ… Create Private Threads
βœ… Manage Threads
βœ… Embed Links
βœ… Attach Files
βœ… Use External Emojis
βœ… Connect
βœ… Speak
βœ… Move Members

Optional: (Required when you want to sync "Manage Permissions" permission)

Reinvite the bot to quickly refresh all permissions https://tempvoice.xyz/invite

Category Permissions

If the bot has all of the above permissions but still cannot create a temporary channel, then one of these permissions is not granted in the category where the channel should be created.

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