How to setup a Custom Branding bot?

Customize the bot's profile picture, name, status and about me. In addition, gain the ability to display your current activity as temporary channel name.


TempVoice Premium with Custom Branding

Custom branding requires an additional fee due to the additional server resources required. Visit and subscribe to Premium after checking the "Your Own Bot" option.

Discord Bot Token

A Custom Branding bot is basically an instance of a completely new bot customized by you. In order to create this instance a Bot Token is needed.

How to get a Bot Token

  1. Visit, login with your Discord account and click on the blue New Application button.

  1. Click on the Bot tab on the left.

  1. Scroll down to Privileged Gateway Intents and enable PRESENCE INTENT and SERVER MEMBERS INTENT.

  1. By scrolling back to the top you will be able to change the bot's icon, banner, username to whatever you like!

  2. Click on Reset Token to copy the Token.

Be careful not to share this Token with anyone, other than the TempVoice Dashboard.


  1. Visit, login with our Discord account and click on the Manage Custom Branding button.

  1. Enter your Bot Token and click the checkmark button. The installation will take about 2 minutes, after that, you will be able to invite the bot to your Discord server by clicking the link button.

  1. Make sure to Activate Premium for the Discord server where you want to use the bot.

The Custom Branding bot will automatically leave all the Discord servers where the Premium has not been activated by the bot owner.

Kick the public TempVoice bot

The public TempVoice bot has to be kicked from the servers where you want to use a Custom Branding bot! All creator channels you had with the public TempVoice bot will continue work. Just the interfaces have to be recreated using /setup.

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